Gum removal service


Gum removal

Our specially designed brush emits a PH Neutral and Safe steam mixture to evaporate unsightly gum in seconds, to be simply brushed away. The completely silent operation, means there will be no disruption to the public in the process.

Completely environmentally friendly, the Gum Ranger Freestyle is highly suitable to work in both populated and busy areas

  • Self-contained, portable and extremely lightweight unit
  • 100% user-friendly, safe to use in public areas
  • Completely silent operation – can be used at night
  • No need to plug into electricity – no hazardous trailing leads to trip over or noisy generators
  • No smelly or dangerous fumes emitted
  • No need to close areas down to the public, can be used during opening hours

Gum ranger can be used on many services including

  • Hardwood
  • Tarmac
  • Block paving
  • Concrete
  • Entrance mating
  • Commercial seating
  • Even on steps