What method do you use to clean the windows?

On top of the carbon pole is a nylon brush head with small water jets that supply a constant supply of pure water. First we clean the frames and then the glass by moving the brush head over them. We then rinse the frames and windows and leave to dry to a spot free finish.

How can pure water not leave any marks?

Unlike bottled water, rain or tap water which contains mineral deposits, pollution, calcium and chemicals our water is stripped of every element  and is pure in every sense. We do this by using a technique called reverse osmosis which is a filtration process. The end result is 100% laboratory graded pure water. 

How do you get a constant supply of water and where do you treat it?

Our water is treated on our premises that takes 6 hours and uses a 5 stage filtration process. When the process is complete the water is stored in a special tank in my van which holds 600 litres. I am then able to transport the water on site where it is pumped through a special hose that connects to my carbon fibre pole onto my the brush heads and then onto the area to be cleaned.

Are any chemicals used during this filtration process?

No all filters contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment and are environmentally safe.

Can the water damage or stain my property?

No, more damage is caused by pollution in the rain or atmosphere.

Is the reach and wash system safe?

Yes, because the system is used from the safety of the ground and no ladders or other equipment used. However on some property's a platform or ladder maybe required to use over extensions. 

Are the poles heavy and how do you control it?

The poles are made from  high quality carbon fibre which is a very light but extremely strong material. as it is so strong and durable we can easily control the poles without too much friction or bend. When working on heights in excess of 40 feet we alawys work in pairs with one person checking the terrain.

So no one will be looking in my windows?

No, there is no need for anyone to climb up and look through your windows to clean them when using a water fed pole system. For some people this is irrelevant but for some, the idea of a stranger looking into their home makes them uncomfortable. For some customers its pulling back their curtains and then coming face to face with the window cleaner with not much on.

Do you give free quotations and demonstrations as I am still curious?

Yes, we regularly give free, no obligation demonstrations on a window and free quotations.

Is there any instances when the window will haze or spot?

Pure water does not dry to a haze or spot so there has to be a reason for this. The most common reasons is when we introduce a pole system for the first time to a building that has previously not been cleaned in a long time and pollutions have built up on the windows and frames or has been cleaned by conventional methods such as soap and water. The highly concentrated soap residue and pollutants leaves a film on the glass surface and builds up deposits in the actual frame itself. Once we flush this out and clean the windows, it can leave for the first 2-3 cleans an occasional spotting. The will improve with each clean and will be noticeably better. To tackle this every new client we sign up has a deep first clean which takes twice as long as a normal clean.

I'm trying to be more kinder to the environment, does this system harm the environment?

The reach and wash system is very Eco-friendly. It does not use any detergents. It only uses purified deionised water. It is completely eco-friendly.

Why is purified and deionised water good for my windows?

Your window glass will stay cleaner for longer. The water goes through special filtration system and because it is deionised it has no static charge so doesn't attract dirt.